I believe human potential is limitless and that all that stands between us and our full potential is our mindset.  

As positive psychology practitioner, I help individuals and organizations get from where they are, to where they want to be, through applying the science of positive psychology. I believe we all have the chance for the good life, the good work and fulfilling our dreams, hopes and goals.  I offer coaching, training and workshops that take advantage of the latest research in positive psychology to help my clients reach their greatest potential.  

In that regard, I consider myself a Human Potentialist – mixing science, passion and heart to bring out the best in those I have the opportunity to work with.

I studied Human Development at Cornell University because I knew I wanted to better understand the human condition and find ways to help others live happier lives. Those skills helped me pursue a successful 13-year sales career with a leading analytics software company. I had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout North America, hosting events and visiting some of the largest companies in the world.  

Yet, as my experience and responsibilities grew, I was finding that the most rewarding part of my job was no longer just making the “sale.” I know this sounds like something a salesperson would say, but I genuinely felt invested in helping my clients find solutions that would allow them to excel in their work. I wanted to help them be their best. 

That’s when I knew I needed to get back to focusing my professional energy on my true passion — helping others live more fulfilling lives. Fueled by this passion, grit, and a 20-year love affair with personal development books (I have read hundreds), I sought out a formal education to what I had independently studied and practiced for decades. 

On a personal level – I love Syracuse University Basketball, drawing, running, seeing what I am capable of, staring at the sky, Japanese food, live music, reading too many books at once, all things nature and adventuring this world with my family and friends.

Positive psychology provides not only the full spectrum of principles and practices that lead to a thriving life, but the scientific backing so that individuals and organizations feel confident in adopting them. I’d love to talk to you more about that!


My Background

  • BS in Human Development from Cornell University
  • Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP)
  • Applied Positive Psychology Coach (APPC)
  • Certified Resilience Trainer
  • Positive Educator Certification (PEC)

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