Services Offered

Speaking at an event

Delivering a talk for the WellNow Urgent Care company retreat at Turning Stone Resort in September 2018.

Training & Workshops
From a one-hour lunch & learn to multi-day intensives, customized trainings and workshops provide flexible learning solutions to bring research-based theories into a transformative group setting. Attendees learn positive psychology theories, tools and strategies that help them, and ultimately their organization, thrive.

  • “The Disease of Busyness”
    Ask anyone how they are doing these days and the overwhelming response is, “busy!”  The same technology that was built to make us more efficient, now inundates us with a constant stream of interruption and obligation.  Our inboxes are overflowing, text messages constantly buzzing and social platforms stealing hours from our day. In this eye-opening and interactive workshop, we breakdown:
    • WHY modern-day conditions are creating epidemic levels of busyness, burnout & overwhelm
    • WHAT it is doing to our well-being, our work, our relationships & our organizations
    • HOW we can combat overwhelm, transform our relationship with time and thrive amid the busyness
  • “THRIVE!: A Well-being Series by Northbound”
    Thrive! A Well-Being Series by NorthboundWith full calendars and busy days, many of us are leaving our happiness and well-being to chance and as a destination that lives at the end of our desired successes.  But over two decades of research in the field of positive psychology show that we have this formula backwards.  Those of us that are happier are far more likely to be successful and happiness not only feels good, it leads to a myriad of mental, emotional, physical and social benefits.
    • In this 12-part series, we will break down the science of well-being and the key elements known to increase happiness, combat overwhelm and move us from simply surviving – to THRIVING! Each session includes practical and research backed strategies to build resilience in the face of our modern-day stressors and flourish amidst the busyness.
      *Any sessions in the THRIVE! series can be adapted for stand-alone workshops or a shorter series of workshops

Camp LeJeune Talk

Are you looking for new strategies to support the growth of your organization, enhance employee engagement, and build a positive culture? Infusing positive psychology-backed strategies into your workplace can have significant impacts on the wellbeing of your employees, the quality of their work and their retention rates.

Infuse your company’s next conference or your next public event with positive messaging that is sure to engage, motivate and empower your audience for lasting change.  Let’s customize a talk that will support your mission and enhance your message with the science of flourishing.

Positive psychology coaching blends traditional coaching with the science of optimal human functioning. Whether you’re looking to improve work/life balance, increase self-confidence, find clarity around your next move, or reach a goal that has been sitting on the shelf — coaching helps unlock & engage your inner potential through a strengths-based and supportive alliance between coach and client. Navigate from where you are to where you want to be, through a partnership that stretches, inspires and catalyzes you into action.

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