This post comes to you from my 15 minutes of go!  A self-imposed directive to crack open my laptop and type continuously for 15 minutes. It reminds me of the way my running practice is purely driven by putting my sneakers on. If in can get my running clothes on and to the point of lacing up my shoes, I will run and even on the coldest and darkest of days.  Gearing up won’t dictate how far, how fast or how long, but I will run.

Forcibly opening a blank document and typing the first word has the same momentum induction of lacing my sneakers and taking the first step. It won’t dictate how much, how fast or how thorough I’ll write, but I’ll write regardless.

I’ve been struggled with this blog post. The first one came as stream of consciousness, and I posted it before anyone even knew I had a website or a blog, allowing me to completely remove myself from any expectation. With a readership of only my mom, it was certain to be a hit.  I’ve toiled over this next one, with the same paralysis by analysis that has preceded many actions in my life.  My career path, my hobbies, glazed or unglazed donut. I’ll watch an hour of documentary previews before committing to a 45-minute movie.

My brain starts its standard chatter – Who am I to write a blog? Will I be able to add value to a reader base? I question how to be creative under the constraint of time and what topics to cover in a seemingly endless sea of thoughts. I ruminate in how honored I am for anyone to even to take the time to read my writing and deliberate how to stay true to myself and my why in the process.

I decided to consult a dear friend about my concerns; she runs a longstanding and beautifully sincere blog. Upon telling her that I was struggling with what to write, without hesitation she replied, “Well that’s a blog post!” Any thoughts, questions or second guesses are human nature and will resonate with someone.

I spoke to another friend who said that I just needed to start writing, sit down 15 minutes a day and see what comes out of my head.  That it is all about the starting more than anything.  He told me of a great saying that he always used with his friends, “ready, go.”  Sometimes it’s the “set” that indefinitely stalls us.

For the past few years I have been setting an intention word for the year – a one-word guide post to help steer my action.  My word for 2017 was “go.”  Maybe I knew I needed it for my hyper analytic nature (am I analyzing why I picked that word?).  But “go” finally propelled me through multiple certification programs and ultimately launching my own business, a dream decades in the making.

I will question the value of this post, even as I watch the type running across the screen with each key stoke. Just as I will question how cold it is going to feel, how painful my knee will be and if my body is capable of yet another run. It’s normal to second guess, to question, to doubt, to analyze – I think it’s even part of the process. But when doubt completely paralyzes action, we really do end up standing in the same place.  It looks like my “go” has resulted in a blog post. You, too, can “ready, go” on something that you have been over-questioning.  See where the go takes you.

And now I literally have to go. It’s time to put my sneakers on.

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