In a study from the University of Virginia, looking at the influence of social support on perception, participants accompanied by a friend estimated a hill to be less steep when compared to participants who were standing at the base of the hill alone. In a University of Oxford study, rowers exhibited higher pain threshold, with increased endorphin release, while training together as opposed to training alone. And a study from the University of Connecticut, showed a high level of correlation between users’ exercise activities and their participation in a digital health community.

Social support and community are paramount in overcoming obstacles, changing habits and achieving goals, yet we often go at them alone.  Northbound is excited to announce a new partnership with DIEMlife, a platform that changes the way we approach goals. Inspired by a mother’s journey to improve her own wellness and get support from her family, DIEMlife is designed to help those making efforts to improve their lives. DIEMlife uses Quests™ to inspire your journey and helps make connections instead of focusing on pass/fail checklists.

DIEMlife will be powering ticketing for Northbound events, seamlessly entering registrants into a Quest™ for the corresponding event. Each Quest™ provides a place for social support, sharing wins, getting advice and continued accountability.  It’s a place to ensure that momentum doesn’t end after attending a Northbound event, it’s only beginning.

The core mission of DIEMlife speaks to many of the pillars of positive psychology, the scientific foundation of all Northbound’s offerings.

“DIEMlife is a social network for dreamers, believers and the go-getters looking to improve their lives one Quest™ at a time.  We are inspired to build a place where people can create, share and discover life goals, and connect to a community of resources to help them reach their potential.  Our mission is to succeed together, form true connections and help create a life of purpose and meaning.”

DIEMlife has been steadily building its community of go-getters over the past few years and recently began partnering with a few select brands that embody like-minded and like-hearted principles.  Northbound is honored to be one of those brands and looks forward to the unbounded possibility this partnership and the platform provides.

Here is a sneak peak at the first Northbound Quest™, with many more to come! There is a simple getting started guide to make sure joining a quest is an easy step to check off in your goal driven journey.

Northbound and DIEMlife can’t wait to hear what you think!

Northbound founder Jaime Weisberg connecting in NYC with DIEMlife co-founders Yoo-Sun Park & Timothy Midgley

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